Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rebel's Rebellion

It's somewhere near Chakuliya, We met Marshal- soft spoken figure, who was once a terror in this region. This rebel has left the company of Kishanji. When? Why? This what he told to our team.

[1] Why did you leave CPI( Maoist)?
Because I felt that party is cheating Tribals. You go through document called -" Party Programme". Go through Article 24. It says many things that the party will do for tribals. Tell me , has party done anything that has been enlisted in Article 24. In that Article, party says it will protect culture, language etc of tribals. Many of such lines are written in Indian Constitution too. Are tribals right protected just for they are mentioned in such articles? CPI[Maoists] want to come to power by putting gun on tribals' shoulders and then they will kick on our back. I have realised and so have come out. Moreover tribals can organise themselves. They do not need outsiders like Kishanji.

[2]Your interview was published in Tehleka. In same journal Varvara Rao said that you are a government implant and your views pertain to Salwa Judum view. Your take on this?
I am glad that Ms Mittal gave me window. As far as Varvara Rao is concerned, you can't expect anything else from people like him. They all are product of a fascist ideology. Till you follow them , they will heap all praise on you. The moment you start questioning them, they will declare you- Harmad or Salwa Judum. If government were behind me, why would I hide myself in Jungles. I would go and get setlled in Kolkata. In fact I ask you people. Varvara Rao is roaming freely. Government does not arrest him. Why? He must have a pact with government. He may a PWG guy and may be giving tip off to government on MCC followers.
[3] Your views about Salwa Judum?
I have learnt that one Congress leader raised it. If people do not want to be part of something, no government or non-government actor can force them to raise it. If people do not want Salwa Judum, it will die down. Similarly if people do not want Maoists, they will also die down. In this area, reverse days of Maoists have started. Initially people supported them for they were fed up with CPI[M]and Jharkhandis. But they have realised that path shown by Maoists leads to harakiri. So they are not supporting Maoists. The latter are frustrated. In that frustration they kill innocent people.
[4] But Intellectuals condemn Salwa Judum and Many of them support Maoists?
Intellectuals support ideologies. They have hardly any idea about ground reality. They call our area jungle-mahal. Do you see any mahal here? They come here; stay for two-three days; and then write big things. But you do not under stand tribals in 2/3 days. You have to stay for years to understand nuances.
[5] But Kishanji is so popular among tribals?
Who says? He is popular among the Kolkata people who see TV. Some think that he is representative of Tribals. But how can he be representative of tribals.
[6] What are Your future plans?
I will raise a true people's movement which will be by a tribal, for a tribal and of tribals where violence will neither be a means nor an end.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Kishanji's Gherao

Maoist commander Kishanji was gheraoed by the villagers of Jhatiboni. The villagers told him to leave the place immediately. They told him that he was resposible for massacre of more than 150 innocent persons in Lalgarh. Villagers asked him if 150 murders were not enough for him to achieve his objectives of his operation-" Peace Hunt". They offered themselves and said-" Kill all of us. This will help you in achieving your gaols".

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sabir Mullah's Sister

Is My Brother Alive?
Kishanji had given a number to media and told-" Chidambarm can contact me on 25th Feb after 5 o clock". Hungry of stories, Media found out that the number was in name of a police constable. Later on they found that this mobile was snatched by Maoists from constables abducted in Belpahari. Kishanji was waiting a call from Delhi. Never had he expected a call from Sabir Mulla's sister. She asked with her throat choked- " Is my brother alive?" Raju [ who took call on behalf of Kishanji] was speech less. He was almost to say the truth. But then something stopped him. And he said what was"politically correct". " We are not aware about Sabir Mullah and Kanchan Gorai." This was not what a sister wanted to hear. She started crying [with a folded hand perhaps] and demanded- " For God sake, let me know if my brother is alive. I wont tell anyone." But for those who believe in power of barrel of gun, tears mean nothing. Sabir Mullah's brother disappeared from Bamal. He was posted as police constable in Dharampur Camp and was returning from Lalgarh PS. Everyone in area tell that they were abducted by PSVJC-Maoists. There was a people's court in Bulagara that very night. And both the constables are missing since then. Have they been killed? Their throats slaughtered? Bodies cut into pieces? And buried into Bulagara jungles? Every one is silent. Varavara Rao says- Everything is fair in war? Mr Rao- Really???? A sister wants to know.

People's Court

Maoists Holding Up "People's Court" Near Jhargram. Two tribals were beaten up for they had protested eve-teasing by a Maoist. Maoists labelled a charge that tribals had consumed liquor; they declared them guilty and then punished too.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

War Against Naxals is Not War Against Tribals

White Collar Naxalites [ who are in decoy of professors, human right activists, intellectuals] have been trying to distort the realities by portraying War Against Naxals as War Against Tribals. May be they have been paid heavily by Chinese Government. In fact Naxalites have destroyed peace and tranquality in lives of Tribals. Marshal- Tribal commander - who has come out of Maoist fold has narrated to media how Kishanji has misled tribals. Naxalites rape tribal women and then force them to join their parties. They beat up men and those who still resist are killed. And killing is as brutal as possible. Hands are chopped off. Legs are chopped off. Private parts are cut off. And then the dead bodies are thrown. In Lalgarh Naxalites threatened the family members of a tribal who was killed by Maoists of dire consequences if they went near-by dead body. So dead body could not been removed for six days. Maoists have no regard for human rights. In fact they say all human rights to be bourgeoisie rights. Only language that they know is that of bullet.


Saranga Officer Achieves Martyrdom; White Collar Maoists in Jhargram

In a shoot out in Bankura West Medinipur, Inspector in-charge achieved martyrdom. But he killed two Maoists and injured seven. It is reported that some "intellectuals" from Kolkata has arrived in Jhargram for taking all injured Maoists to Kolkata.