Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Marshal's Open Letter to Kishan Ji and Other Intellectuals

Maoists: Are they Our Saviours?


Are Maoists our saviours? An impression mainly in city dwellers exist that they are. Intellectuals like Arundhati Roy think that Maoists are fighting for rights of tribals which are under threat from Multi National Corporations. Koteshwar Rao [ who calls himself Kishanji]- media savvy Maoist commander takes every opportunity to proclaim himself as new messiah of tribals; one who is leading a “just” war for poor and deprived tribals. Let me take this opportunity to break this myth and the conspiracy behind this myth.

Maoists have summed up their idea on how they look at the tribal issues in their document “Strategy and Tactics of CPI-Maoists”. Para [iii] begins with a general statement that tribals are being exploited by various agencies. Impression emanates that Maoists would save them from this exploitation. But what about levy collection @ Rs. 20 and 3 Kg rice from each tribal household at gun point? Is this how you remove exploitation Mr. Koteshwar Rao? Will this “contribution” help you fight MNCs out Ms Roy? In fact, just as any mainstream political party aiming at tribal vote bank begins its document by paying lip services to tribal cause, Maoists document also pay a lip service. In practice they exploit tribals as badly as other agency. Only difference is- people like Ms Roy put legitimacy to exploitation by Maoists!!!

Maoists write that tribals have unique culture, economy and social system and various forces are hell bent upon breaking them apart and dissolving their identity. In same document Maoists claim –“In some areas a tiny section of Adivasis has become rich and have developed as local oppressors”. Isn’t it an attempt by Maoists to divide tribals? Along class lines? In fact document asks upon tribals to unite real friends against real enemies. Who are these real friends? Who are real enemies? You have killed more than 200 tribals like Salku Soren, Sarna Buru Besra and Dhani Ram Mandi. They were tribals from enemy camp. If others have created divisions among us, you are most successful Mr. Koteshwar Rao in that. Congratulations to you on your success!!!

Maoists are full of slogans like –“rights over the forest belong to people and adivasis”, “ political autonomy to adivasi territories”, “ right to tribals for development” etc. All these are mere eye-wash. Have you ever disclosed how you going to make this possible Mr Koteshwar Rao? In Jharkhand where your writ runs large, I wonder why mining by Mafia, rich contractors and businessmen has not stopped. Only difference made by you is that now the latter have to pour handsome “contribution” into your coffer too. Will stopping MNC help if Maoists fulfills the gap? Are you aware Ms Roy? Or only exploitation by MNCs has to be resisted?

Now let me see how Maoists look at our culture and how protected our culture is on gun-point? You say that we are unique. And this uniqueness needs to be protected. In what way Mr. Koteshwar Rao? For centuries we could hold bow and arrows as our traditional weapons. These were not weapons of offence. These were symbols of our pride. But you have converted them into arsenals. And when that did not satisfy you, you replaced them with guns. By taking bows and arrows away from tribal, you took their pride away from them. Yet you claim that you will defend our culture!!!

Aren’t Majhi Parganas and Mulk Parganas integral to tribal culture? We had resolved all our conflicts sitting together under the guidance of Majhi Parganas. But that does not suit your so called “people’s movement”. So you imposed your self upon our traditional leadership. Do you want to be our new Majhi Parganas? And be vanguard? Isn’t it cold blooded destruction of our ancient tradition? Mr. Rao, your party only has written that triabls would be organized on the basis of their political, economic, social, cultural and lingual issues. But what is your goal? Amelioration of tribal? Or using them as an instrument to “overthrow Indian state” and establish “people’s democracy”? How did you come to conclusion that tribals would be benefited by that way? Where did you held discussion with them? You are simply imposing an imported ideology upon us. You doing exactly opposite of what you preach in your books [which probably are meant for Indian Whites like Arundhati Roy].

You feel that you are enlightened soul who knows what is good for us and what is bad for us. In village meeting your men herd us together; tell us who exploits us and make us to do what suits them. Today you shriek high – ‘Joint forces have to be withdrawn’. Mr. Rao you only have invited them. Hundreds of poor tribals are behind jail but you are roaming free. You have designed slogans like ‘joint forces go back ‘and ‘no to green hunt’ for be-fooling poor Adivasis. So that you can put them into cannon to save your self. If you are so worried about Adivasis; worried that innocent Adivasis would be killed and rendered homeless; then leave jungle mahal. Joint forces are your invitation. They will be useless if you disappear.

Yes, we are exploited. Yes, Indian state has not done justice to us. Yes, we need to liberate ourselves. But we do not need you and your PLGA for that. We do not need Indian Whites who sitting in Kolkata or Delhi “feel” for us. We can organize ourselves. We can fight for our ourselves. In last 25 years we have seen that you no different than CPI [M]. You are not our saviour. You have shown us path of destruction. We are not with you any longer. Read out the upcoming reality. You withdraw your guns and then ask people of jungle mahal. Ninty nine percent would tell you- Please go away from our motherland. People are not with you Mr. Rao. Come out of ivory towers. If you fail to read reality any more, you are inviting troubles for you.

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